Bluetooth Lighting Control

Bluetooth 4.0 + Human Centric Lighting

SAMJIN LED introduces a new way to group, control and automate your Human Centric circadian lighting systems through SAMJIN's free "BREEZE" app, available for iOS and Android smart devices. Bluetooth wall controller (dial) accessory available.

To download, search "Samjin Breeze" on your device's app store, or simply click the links below:

IDeal for Personal and Specific Area Application

Through use of smart phone, tablet or wall controller, Bluetooth lighting control gives occupants a low-cost and highly-accessible way to control and automate their lighting environment.

Flexible For Growth and Expansion

Easily add and label new groups of Bluetooth lighting fixtures.

Your Bluetooth fixtures are able to communicate with each other like a daisy chain, allowing you to control specific groups of lights across your building without the use or setup of additional networking.

Download the Bluetooth Control Manual:


Bluetooth Fixtures Available

  • 2x2 | 24W (BT22-025BTCTSUS-56)
  • 2x4 | 34W (BT24-034BTCTSUS-56)
  • 2x2 | 25W (GET22-025BT40-H)
  • 2x4 | 30W (GET24-030BT40-H)
  • 2x2 | 25W (BRK22-025BTCTSUS-56)
  • 2x4 | 34W (BRK24-034BTCTSUS-56)
  • 6" | 13W (DL06C-013BTCTBUS)
  • 8" | 16W (DL08C-016BTCTBUS)
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