Lighting For Senior Care

Lighting designed for Comfort and Quality of Life.

As we get older, lighting conditions play an ever-increasing role in our daily life.

Preventing falls, promoting high quality sleep, and managing psychological and physical ailments are just some of the scientifically-backed benefits of modern circadian lighting technology.

Benefits of Circadian Lighting

Also known as Human Centric Lighting, circadian color-tunable LED lighting has been researched and engineered to improve natural circadian rhythm function for better sleep regularity, alertness, mood, visual acuity and productivity.

SAMJIN LED circadian lighting is programmable, automated, and wireless.

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Benefits of Flicker-Free Lighting

The existence of Flicker in LED and other types of lighting has been identified by the D.O.E. as a hazard to all occupants of an effected space. Flicker-induced impairments can include eye strain, migraines, blurred vision, and other neurological problems.

SAMJIN LED lighting fixtures are certified Flicker-Free by the California Title 24 JA10 flicker test.

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Our Technology is Installed in Nursing Homes and Hospitals across the Country.

Our satisfied client base includes both top US healthcare institutions as well as smaller, independent facilities.

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Selected by the US Department of Energy for Case study: "Tuning The Light In Senior Care"

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The US Department of Energy's GATEWAY program documented the performance of tunable-white LED lighting systems installed in several spaces within the ACC Care Center, a senior-care facility in Sacramento, CA.

SAMJIN LED's BT luminaire was selected for one-to-one replacement of the incumbent fluorescent luminaires in the corridor, nurse station, family room, and administrator’s office.

The project results included energy savings and improved lighting quality, as well as other possible health-related benefits that may have been attributable, at least in part, to the lighting changes.

Quality Lighting For Senior Care.

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